Straight hair care tips

Straight Hair Care Tips – For Shiny and Smooth Hair

Hi everyone! Straight, shiny and smooth hair has always been in trend, because above all it looks healthy. I will reveal you the best straight hair care tips!

Women who do not have naturally straight hair often turn to chemical treatments to get rid of waves and curls. Many hair salons offer permanent hair straightening services. This look lasts for a limited time, maybe a year. What is more important is that after a year, all the side effects of this treatment start to appear on the hair. This primarily refers to dry hair, various allergies, and hair loss. Hot treatments as well as chemically strong products in order to straighten hair should be avoided as much as possible.

Long straight hair care tips

Long straight hair

It is not surprising that some women spend hours, days next to the mirror, in salons, in order to get the desired result and ideal hairstyle. Straight hair is modern, beautiful, and appropriate, and makes a woman especially attractive. The problem is, however, that many of the tools used, such as hair dryers and other preparations, have a really bad effect on your hair. You should use them for special occasions and situations.

For some women, straight hair care and maintenance is a challenge, while for others it is perfectly simple and fast. Why is it like that? Most women with straight hair are characterized by thin, fine hair, unlike curly, which is lush. For that reason, it tends to decline more. Don’t despair, as maintaining straight hair can be achieved with a little effort and time.

What is it that women with straight hair face and how to solve these problems?

Straight hair gets oily quickly

Due to the physical structure of straight and slightly wavy hair, it is more susceptible to this problem and gets oily faster than curly hair. Unfortunately, increased oil production (especially during puberty) can affect the hair, making it lifeless and dull.

Oily hair actually has only one cause. It is the excess sebum produced by the sebaceous glands in our body. The ends of these glands are located near the top of the hair and the surface of the skin. Excess sebum ends up on the top of the head, and from there it spreads down the hair, resulting in oily hair. So, it is not unknown why hair gets oily. The real question is why we produce excess sebum which is visible on our hair.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Hereditary factor, ie the fact that you simply inherited such a set of genes and that you have oily skin, and thus hair.
  • Hormonal changes – the effects of hormones first are noticed at puberty – the period when beautiful, children’s silky hair turns into oily hair that cries out for daily washing. And later in life, hormones can interfere with the fingers. So women’s hair is more often oily before menstruation if they use birth control pills and the like.
  • Obesity or poor nutrition – people who eat unhealthily, mostly fatty and fried foods and sweets, are more likely to have oily hair.

To solve this problem, you can simply increase the number of hair washes during the week. Many people would say that shampooing your hair more than twice a week causes it to become even more damaged, but you will see results after a long application of this technique.

Wash your hair often – try it every day, if possible – but be careful with chemicals in products that could cause damage, instead choose a mild shampoo, without sulfate. On the other hand, do not use hair products often, such as various oils, hair mousses, or hair sprays. When you already have to use them, apply the product only on the hair root.

Straight hair has no volume

Due to your hair structure, the strands come down as if they are glued together and have no volume. To get lush, girls usually use a hairdryer, but in the long run, it will cause cracking and damage to your hair.
To successfully solve this problem, you should take care of your hair regularly, and that primarily means that you regularly shorten the ends, and you can also experiment with different hairstyles. Another way is to dry your hair and comb it upside down, by tilting your head forward and combing it that way.

A varied diet rich in minerals, vitamins C and B, copper and zinc, and iron increases hair volume because these are the nutrients it needs for health and growth. This includes advice to drink enough water to keep your body hydrated. Dehydration of the body leads to various problems and even to excessive hair loss.

If your hair is thin and lifeless, pay attention to what you buy when choosing shampoo and conditioner. Choose herbal preparations, without sulfates and parabens. Never apply conditioner to the scalp for five cm from the root to the end.

Straight hair is prone to cracked ends

Straight hair

Cracked ends are caused by various factors, but they most often occur due to frequent blow-drying and excessive combing. Since straight or slightly wavy hair is often ruffled, it is clear why you comb it often. But in that case, you should use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers.

As for the ends, I recommend shortening the hair every four to six weeks. Shortening your hair also solves the problem of cracked and dry ends, and your hair will definitely look better with regular visits to the hairdresser, and healthier.

Try to choose natural shampoos without harmful parabens and sulfates. Instead of conditioners, which are sometimes a burden on the hair and an additional layer, a better option is the regular use of shampoos that regenerate with their ingredients. In this way, gradually, day by day, “teach” your hair to be less greasy.

Don’t forget to eat healthy, drink enough water, and you will see – your efforts will pay off. Your hair will always be shiny!

These are my straight hair care tips.

How do you take care of your straight hair?

Do you prefer straight or curly hair?

Do you know how to straighten your hair without heat?

Write to me in the comments below,

Best regards!

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