Restore your natural hair color

Restore Your Natural Hair Color – It’s Possible!

Hi everyone! Are you tired of dyeing your hair and keeping up with the trend? Are you wonder how to restore your natural hair color and save money spent in the salon?

Most women dye their hair for a long period of time, even years. And that’s how you lose every trace of your natural hair color. If you want a natural tone for your hair, know that you need a lot of patience and time. That process is a lot harder than it sounds. If you are not sure that you can do everything yourself at home, the advice you will receive from experts can help you.

How to remove dye hair?

The first step in restoring your natural hair color after dyeing is to use a hair dye remover. You will notice that the product itself pulls out a lot of red, black, or any other tone and lightens the hair slightly. It will usually not be enough to remove darker hair color completely once. If your hair is still too dark for the desired, natural color, the next step is to use Blanche to accelerate the process.

When applying blanch, you can leave the product on the hair for up to an hour. One process of bleaching colored hair can change, ie. lighten for three shades of hair. It is enough to get a tone of dark blonde from dark brown, or light brown to get a tone of light blonde. If you want to lighten your hair even more than that, you will have to use Blanche twice. It is recommended only if your hair is in good condition and not damaged by other chemicals, or has visible damage due to excessive dyeing.

How to restore natural hair color from grey?

Grey hair color

Are you wondering if it is possible and how to restore natural hair color and tone from gray?

It is important to know that returning from gray to your natural color is possible. Gray hair on the head can appear quite early. It is not the case that they are guaranteed only for older ladies. If a genetic factor or a stressful situation is frequent, they can appear quite early, even in their twenties.

You will do this by coloring your hair, but you need to choose the right tone of your natural color. In this situation, you can consult with the seller in special shops, which are equipped with hair dyes.

How to restore natural blonde hair color?

Blonde hair

If your natural hair color is a blonde or lighter shade, and you are now an attractive brunette, going back to your natural shade will be a slightly more complicated process. Wondering how to restore natural color if your hair hasn’t been blonde in a long time? It is important to know that this is also possible, but the transition from dark to light is much more difficult. It is necessary to use the correct shade, and blanch.

Also, you may need a few dyes to restore your natural shade of blonde. The dye is applied to the hair easily. It is enough to have a dish in which you will dissolve the hair dye and mix it with hydrogen, and a brush with which you will apply it to your hair. You will separate the strands with a comb, and dye the whole hair. The dye usually stays on the hair for about 45 minutes, and after this period, rinse your hair. The advice may be to start with lighter strands. Then, add more and more strands every month or two so that the hair eventually gets exactly your natural shade.

It takes patience and time for this process. The hardest way and process is to get from black to natural blonde hair. For that reason, you may use blanch and dye several times to get an identical shade of your hair’s natural color.

How to restore natural black hair color?

Black hair

How to restore natural hair color, if it is black? Natural black hair is the best tone of natural hair color, which you will most easily restore from any dyed color.

Any tone, whether it is a lighter shade or darker on your head, very simply by choosing black hair dye, will restore the natural tone of your black hair. In most situations, it will be enough for just one dye. After that, if you have decided to never dye again, simply let your natural hair growth. Without dyeing, because the difference between the natural and the dyed color will not differ.

How to restore natural brown hair color?

Brown hair color

If you want, but do not know how to restore natural hair color, if it is brown hair, you first need to remove the dyed color from your hair, so use a hair blanch mixed with shampoo. Gently wash your hair. This reduces the color dye molecule and allows you to wash most of it off your hair.

You can also use hair toners to return to the tone you were born with. The toner neutralizes unwanted hair tones, such as red, orange, gold, and so on. The last step between your old hair color and your new color is applying a new hair dye. To determine the exact tone of your natural shade and buy adequate hair dye, you can consult a hairdresser, if you are not sure.

How to restore natural red hair color?

Red hair color

Before you start removing color from your hair, you need to determine the exact shade of your natural red hair color. This is because the process is slightly different depending on the current tone of hair color on your head.

In case your current shade is a darker color, you can’t just dye your hair to get a red hair color. If you have darker hair, and you want to restore the red color, you cannot simply apply a new color to your hair over the dyed color and hope that you will get the result immediately. You may need to repeat the treatment several times to get the right shade.

If your color is lighter, you can start with highlights. Then add more every month, until you finally get the right tone of your natural color. When you restore your natural hair tone, try to nurture it well, so that the glow of your red color is even more beautiful. Use sulfate-free shampoos, and by using hair conditioners regularly, your hair will retain its natural shine.

I hope you enjoyed, and that this post helped you.

What is your favorite hair color?

Do you like your natural hair color or do you dye it?

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