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Repair Nails After Gel – Tips and Treatment

Hi everyone! The main inspiration for this post is that I recently removed the gel from my nails after a couple of years and it is not a positive experience. The nails are peeling, and they are thin. I am not sure if I am angrier that I removed them or because I ever put them on. I will reveal to you the tips and one special treatment on how to repair nails after gel.

Gel polish may be more practical than classic nail polish because it lasts longer, you don’t have to think about nails for weeks and they are beautiful –¬†except when they grow drastically, so you can see the obvious line. However, this long-lasting manicure damages the nails, make them thinner, weaker, and the nails need a very long time to recover.

To speed it, take look at this post!

Tips to repair nails

Filing nails

Frequently filing is the key. It will remove small damage to the surface and the edges of the nails that lead to cracking and peeling. Use soft, gentle files and file your nails at least twice a week. And ALWAYS file them in only one direction, not left-right or up-down, because that will only create new small cracks and damage. In addition to the mechanical treatment of the nails, the filing also improves the circulation in the nails and speeds up their recovery.

Rest your nails

You should not apply any nail polish during the reparation period. Give them a break, to rest and recover. Use natural nail polishes intend exclusively for strengthening, nourishing, and repairing the nail plate. Use them regularly until the nails recover completely. Then you can use ordinary nail polishes again.

Keep them short

Short nailsDuring the recovery period after a gel manicure, the nails are weak and sensitive, so even the slightest contact with a harder surface can cause damage. Keep your nails shorter, because in that way they will be more resistant and less exposed to external negative factors. Also, it is best for them to be in a round shape so as not to hang on to clothes and furniture. Cut them with a nail clipper and be sure to file them afterward.


Internal nutrition is crucial for beauty and it involves taking the vitamins and minerals through food that participate in the construction of nails. The most important of all is certainly Vitamin B, and the key is the sufficient intake of protein, calcium, and omega-3 acids.

You can also use supplements for faster results.

Cuticle care

Cuticle care

Cuticle care is also very important. Do not cut or tear the cuticles! If you have a problem with them, use a device that will push them off the nail plate, and hydrate them constantly with nourishing creams.


Hydration is perhaps the most important step in repairing nails. Get a quality nourishing hand cream. Apply it as often as possible, rubbing it into a nail plate and cuticles. In the evening, apply a thicker layer of cream, put on gloves, and sleep like that.

Treatment to repair nails

Due to aggressive chemical reactions and high temperatures of lamps for drying permanent gel nail polish, the nail plate is damaged. That is why it is important to occasionally “rest” your nails. When you have decided to take a break and let your nails be natural – it is necessary to provide them with additional care in order to repair them as soon as possible.


  • Lemon juice
  • Baking soda
  • Vaseline
  • Aluminum foil

Pour lemon juice and baking soda into the bowl, and hold your nails in this solution. First one hand, and then the other, for about 15 minutes. Occassionaly gentle massage the nails and the part around them. The combination of these two ingredients will enable nursing below the surface of the nail plate, remove the possible presence of bacteria and prevent from forming new ones. Of course, before this treatment, shorten and shape your natural nails. Do not file them too much and damage them further, but try to cut them properly so that there is no need for a file.

After you have done this process, dry your hands, and apply a thick layer of Vaseline on your nails. Then wrap each nail individually in aluminum foil. My advice is to apply this method in the evening, when you know that you will not have to do anything, in order for the treatment to work as long as possible. If you have the opportunity, put gloves over the foil and sleep with it. When you remove the “caps” from the nails, massage the rest of the Vaseline. If there is excess, wipe it with a paper towel. Repeat this procedure up to 2 times a week, until the nails fully recover.

Nail polishes

It is important to maintain the health of your nails in the first place, and then to make sure that they look beautiful. When you take breaks from time to time, between two manicures, you will allow them to recover and strengthen and the next gel or permanent polish will be better tolerated.

That would be all for today.

Do you prefer gel nail polish or classic nail polish?

Have you already tried this treatment to repair nails after gel?

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  1. I know the struggle… My nails are so damaged, but I really like gel polish, idk.
    Now, I know how to repair them, thanks

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