Professional makeup for wedding

Professional Makeup – Only for Weddings or Not?

Why is professional makeup usually associated with a wedding? Because a wedding is an occasion when mostly every woman wants to look perfect. 

My first encounter with professional makeup was, you guessed it, a wedding. When I saw her “wow” effect, little by little I started using it for some other festive occasions. It is important that you trust the make-up artist and see that he really enjoys what he is doing. 

In my case, it was “love at first makeup”

Professional makeup can do the impossible

Why are we increasingly deciding to use the services of a professional make-up artist? The simplest answer is because they have experience, know how to cover the disadvantages, and point out the advantages. Inexperience or simply “I can’t do it” attitude is what we are guided to ask for an expert, not only for makeup but also for many other things. 

Also, the occasion itself sometimes requires more than just makeup. If it is a wedding, a large percentage of ladies will opt for professional make-up. Make-up artists mostly use quality products with great covering power. Opting for various popular methods that can provide and prolong a flawless look. Whether using this make-up makes a person look better is, you will agree, an exclusively subjective experience.

Can professional makeup really do the impossible?

There are make-up artists who can really transform a person’s appearance or just emphasize the most beautiful thing on the face. Professional makeup can do anything if applied correctly, but it cannot do the impossible. Makeup artists, however, are not plastic surgeons. 

Professional makeup will mask acne, but that is not a permanent solution. To have a clean face and without makeup, you need to deal with the problem. Check out the best and easy natural homemade masks for acne!

Untouchable for wedding

Makeup for wedding

Professional makeup last a long time and look great in photos, because a wedding is an important event. The professional makeup of a good make-up artist is not spilled, because there are many products in the game that prevent something like that. Future young people should not worry about whether they will look beautiful during the entire duration of the wedding. 

One common problem that occurs with future brides is that the makeup is too strong live, but that it is perfect in photos. Or perfect, gentle and natural live, but the face in the photos looks washed out due to the strong flash. However, the most important thing is that the makeup for the wedding is absolutely according to the wishes of the future bride, and then all of the above. These are all details that are carefully worked on and prepared in advance, because in the end, the most important thing is the client’s satisfaction.

Professional makeup tips and tricks

For those of you who want to improve your makeup skills or simply learn a few new tricks, here are tips on how to be even more successful.

Eye Makeup

  • If you are not skilled at applying liquid eyeliner and drawing that thin precise line, do not use it (especially if you are in a hurry). Instead, a good solution is an angled brush. Or even easier, black or brown eye shadow. 
  • If you mess up the eyeliner after all, no problem! An ear stick dipped in makeup remover or cream and pulling or rolling it in the direction of the desired precise line can clear this “mistake”. 
  • Eyebrows – something that reflects our character: instead of a pencil, use a shade of brown, lighter than the color of the eyebrows – it looks softer and not overly drawn. 
  • Want a precise line and can’t draw it with a brush? Simply apply a strip of duct tape from the end of the eye (lower eyelid) and follow that line from the occasion to the end of the eyebrow. Apply shadow, eyeliner and when you are done, gently remove the strips – you will have a perfectly precise line. 
  • Lately, full eyebrows have become increasingly popular. If you have damaged eyebrows, you will be persistent and persistent. Use castor oil and apply it before bed. You will see, the eyebrows will grow back in time. 

Lip makeup

If you want full lips, it’s okay to cross the lip line a little with a lip pencil. However, if the lips are outlined, it is best to use matte lipstick or just a lip pencil, because that way the transition will be less visible. If you really want a little gloss, apply a small amount of lip gloss to the center of the lips, never along the edges. Ombre lips also visually enlarge the lips.

Tips for using concealer, powders and brushes

  • It is best to use a wet sponge for concealer (apply concealer on the skin and tap it with a sponge), because the sponge has the most natural effect. 
  • If it happens to you (as it happened to me) to put mascara on the lower lashes and all that is transferred to the region of the eyelids that you previously applied nicely, there is a solution. Apply translucent powder (white powder that adapts to the color of your complexion, but is again a little lighter) with that same sponge in the area of ​​the eyelids. Apply a large amount of translucent powder. Let it stand until you apply the shadow. Anything that falls on the cheeks or under the eye is later just wiped off with a brush. The concealer is now fixed by the end of the day, it looks natural, and the mascara no longer rubs against the eyelids. Instead of translucent powder, you can also use baby powder (if you are not allergic to the composition).
  • The difference between bronzer and blush – bronzer should be matte and used for shading / contouring the face. Put the blush on the cheekbones.

Clear skin

Wedding makeup

Clean skin before and after applying makeup is the most important. Wash with lukewarm water and peel your face 2-3 times a week. You can do great peeling with a little olive oil, brown sugar and a little honey. Removing makeup is necessary and it is best to do it with detergent / makeup remover. If you have heavier, stronger makeup, wash twice. If you still think your face is not clean enough, apply face toner or makeup remover cream once more.  Use natural face cosmetics whenever you can. Facial cleansing and moisturizing cream are also important before makeup. Makeup will look better if you apply it to clean and hydrated skin.

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