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Look Beautiful Everyday – 10 Rules

Hi everyone! In today’s post, I will share with you my top 10 beauty rules. Here are some basic rules on how to look beautiful every day.

I believe you all can’t wait to see what those rules are, so let’s get started!

Care above all

Look beautiful

My most important rule is to care first and foremost. When I say that, I think a woman who has well-groomed skin, hair, nails, and teeth – is beautiful, no matter what she wears or how she puts make-up on. If you take care of yourself, you will always feel beautiful, which contributes extremely to your self-confidence

Focus on the positive

Focus on the positive is my second rule that I would point out. Very often we tend to look at ourselves critically. I know a lot of women who look at themselves critically, but I believe that each of us possesses enough beautiful things of ourselves and that we really should focus on the positive ones.

I generally think that when we focus on positive things in life, on what our strengths are, we are much happier and more satisfied. When I say focus on positive, I primarily mean to look at yourself objectively and see what things are beautiful on you. Then focus on that things and emphasize them.

Think positive

Daily routine

The third thing concerns establishing a simple routine. About routine, I mean the morning, evening, and everyday makeup routine. I will definitely be writing more about my routines in one of the following posts.

What matters is that it is a simple routine, so that you can stick to it every day. Determine your morning and evening routine with the products that suit you. Also, you must have your daily makeup routine when you don’t have a lot of time to get ready.

Professional care

As for professional care, I mean getting help from modern products and professionals. For example, gel on nails, spray for dry hair washing, etc. If you will save your time by going to hairdressers once a week or to do nail gel because you don’t have time to constantly polish your nails, then do it.

Dry shampoo is definitely my favorite invention of the modern age!


Beautiful curly hairI have almost ignored this rule in my life, until a year ago. Then I realized how much hair affects beauty. Since then, I have never left the house without tidy hair. It doesn’t matter if you style your hair at the hairdresser’s or home, it only matters that you take care of it. Because, when your hair is styled in any way, your whole look will be much nicer, even when you dress casually.


PerfumeThis is definitely the rule of my life. Whether I am going somewhere or not, I always put on some perfume, it makes me feel beautiful instantly.¬† Spraying perfume is the final moment when we get ready, and we immediately feel more elegant. Most women use perfume only for special occasions. My advice is that every day should be special. Also, if you use the same perfume for a long time, it will make you recognizable. For me, the best compliment is when someone tells me: “Wow, you smell very nice!”


UnderwearThe next rule applies to wearing good underwear. How to feel good in your skin if you have extra pounds, if you don’t have a perfect body, or you are not satisfied? When you wear nice elegant underwear, you will feel beautiful even if you wear a basic tracksuit over it. And don’t forget to follow the first rule – care above all, you will surely have beautiful body skin.

Nice underwear definitely increases self-confidence.

Special treatment

The eighth rule is one day of care with special treatments. This won’t dramatically affect your beauty, but it is just your moment dedicated to you. It can take half an hour or an entire day, depend on how much time you have. It is important to dedicate one day a week to yourself whether it is a professional treatment or at home.

Sunday is my special day and immediately the whole next week starts better for me.



The ninth rule applies to the wardrobe that suits you. I always like to wear a wardrobe in which I feel good, regardless of trends. Whatever is popular, if you don’t feel well, skip it. The important thing is that when you look in the mirror you are satisfied and you like how those clothes fit you,

Trends are constantly changing.

Feel good

The last rule, but not least, is to do whatever you like and care about. Choose one thing that will improve your self-confidence, to make you feel good in your skin. If it’s to take off your stomach, to exercise more, to change your hair color, to make up differently, etc. If that’s why you will be happy, then do it! At the end of the day, the most important thing is for you to feel good.

These are my top 10 rules on how to look beautiful every day.

Which rule is the most important for you?

I hope you liked this post, if you have special wishes about what you want to read for the next posts, feel free to write me.


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4 thoughts on “Look Beautiful Everyday – 10 Rules

  1. Wow, these are great rules! I agree with you about the focus on positive, everyone should have that rule! Great article

  2. The ‘underwear rule’ is great! You made me laugh, but that is so true. When I wear elegant underwear, I always feel beautiful and confident.
    You have very unique content, I appreciate it.

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