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How to Remove Dark Circles Fast?

Hi everyone! Do you also ask yourself the question of how to remove dark circles fast because the reflection in the mirror scared you? Here are some tips on how to do it easily and quickly at home.

How do dark circles appear?

Is genetics the main cause of dark circles or something else?

Removing dark circles

Genetics has a big impact on the formation of dark circles, so if you are organically healthy and you have them, this gene may have involved in your life. Dark circles are caused by tiredness, sleepless nights, smoky and stuffy rooms, inadequate or incomplete facial cleansing, due to illness and genetics. A very important factor for the formation of dark circles is weight loss. Due to the sudden weight loss, dark circles appear which make your face look old and exhausted.

Dark circles we differentiated by color, swelling, and aging of the skin. People with anemia have really dark circles, kidney patients have swollen, and alcoholics have purple.

How remove dark circles forever?

The first step in removing dark circles is to bring the body into a state of balance, which means enough sleep, avoiding cigarettes and even just sitting in smoking rooms, proper nutrition (no nitrates and salt, spicy, spicy), reduced alcohol, as much as possible time spent in the fresh and daily exercise. Drink as much water and naturally squeezed juices as possible and in a couple of days you will see changes, you will remove dark circles in the healthiest way. Consume as little coffee as possible if it is a strong diuretic.

Research has confirmed that by ingesting one cup of coffee you expel seven times more fluid than you actually ingested with coffee. This way of life almost certainly guarantees the appearance of dark circles that are difficult to remove.

But do not give up! It’s not impossible and here’s what you can do!

How to remove dark circles at home?

There are a couple of tricks that can help you remove dark circles. Use ingredients that you always have at home, and which are currently effective.

In fact, the effect of disappearance lasts for a couple of hours, but if you need to get rid of them immediately, listen to the following tips:

Ice-cold spoon

SpoonIn the morning, as soon as you get up on the area under your eyes, if your eyelids are swollen, put an ice-cold spoon. Ice and cold will make the swelling under your eyes subside and disappear but only for a short time. That’s why you use this advice if you are in a hurry for a meeting or other important event and you don’t have time to put on make-up or use other methods of hiding dark circles.

Baking soda

It is known that the healing properties of this powder work wonder in our body and on the skin itself. The chemical composition of baking soda will whiten your dark under-eye circles in a few minutes. It will not remove dark circles, but at least it will alleviate the blue under the eyes.

To whiten dark circles, make a mixture of one teaspoon of baking soda with a few drops of water. It is important that it is not a thick mixture or thin. Apply on the eyelids and leave them. When you wash, you will immediately notice the difference in color.

Iced peas


Peas are good because of their size and shape and can fit in all corners around the eyes. It is very effective in reducing dark circles. Keep it frozen in a bag on the dark circles for about fifteen minutes and you will achieve the desired goal.


ChamomileIf you thought that only cold things are the solution, you are wrong. Chamomile is one warm solution you can try. It has a calming effect and helps to get rid of horrible dark circles very quickly.

Make chamomile tea, then dip cotton wool in lukewarm tea and put it on your eyes. Leave on for at least 10 minutes then remove.

How to hide dark circles with make-up?

Not only professional make-up artists need to know techniques for concealing facial imperfections, such as dark under-eye circles or bags under the eyes. Now you can too. I’ll reveal to you, in my opinion, the best ways to remove dark circles with makeup,

Red lipstick contrast

It sounds scary to put lipstick on your eyes, but it actually makes a lot of sense.Red lipstick

On the color palette, red and orange are direct across from blue and green, so they cancel each other out. You just have to try it! From my personal experience, I discovered the incredible power of red lipstick for removing dark circles. The red color will neutralize the blue under the eyes.

A few steps:

  • Wash your face and apply the foundation.
  • Apply red lipstick on the entire length of the eye, as well as under the eyebrows.
  • Do the same with the concealer.
  • After that, the liquid powder will mask any irregularity on the face. Apply it with a brush. You can also add a loose powder to achieve a perfect look

Concealer for fast hiding dark circles

Concealer for hiding dark circles

This step is the most important – get a good concealer. It happens that they ask me what a good concealer is. A good concealer is any concealer that does not harm your skin and doesn’t dry out.

The concealer must be harmonized with the shade of your foundation, it could not be darker, it could even be a tone lighter. It is best to be in a liquid state because if you use it in a stick it will only dry out the skin and make ugly wrinkles.

Use a finger or a soft brush to apply the concealer. The point of applying concealer is to gently dab it into the skin, not to smear it. Apply it in the area of the eyelids and remove them. Do not apply a large amount of concealer immediately, it is better to take it little by little several times because that will be more effective.

The last step is fixing makeup. For a complete look, apply loose powder on the whole face so that the concealer is well fixed and the skin tones and concealer are combined.

Makeup always makes us feel more beautiful and safer, even when it comes to dark circles, it gives us an infinite number of possibilities.

Do you have any method to remove dark circles?

I hope this post helped you,

Best regards!

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