Foreo Luna 2

Hi everyone! The FOREO LUNA 2 facial cleanser is a new addition to my beauty routine. I have to admit it came at the perfect time for me. During colder weather, I use more makeup, and sometimes a powder needs deep cleansing from the pores, so as not to cause clogging of the pores.

Once you go FOREO, you never go back!


I have heard FOREO experiences countless times and they are all very positive, but it was important for me to see by myself. Today, there are various brushes and facial cleansers. And with this brand, I liked the variety of models, especially for sensitive skin like mine.

FOREO luna 2 for normal and sensitive skin

The entire LUNA 2 review is below, as well as all the necessary information (FOREO LUNA price, my experiences, and where you can buy this miracle). If you are not already familiar, FOREO is a Swedish premium brand of facial cleansing, care, and massage products. Everyone knows them for the silicone body of the device itself. I believe we have all already seen them on drugstore shelves.

If you’ve been thinking about trying this product, the LUNA 2 model review follows.

My FOREO Luna 2

The front of the LUNA 2 is a facial cleansing brush with a special surface, and the back is smooth and you can use it for anti-age facial massage. The whole concept of the product is to provide a deep cleansing that cannot be achieved with conventional facial cleansing.

When used for skin cleansing, this facial cleanser pulsates and facilitates the breakdown of impurities. On the other hand, during massage use, LUNA 2 gently massages the skin in areas prone to wrinkles to prevent their formation. I really liked the possibility of a light massage and generally deep facial cleansing + massage in just 2 minutes before bed.

Besides, there are 4 different models (they differ in color), of which I use pink for normal skin. The pulse rate can also be adjusted to 12 intensities, from stronger to weaker. The battery is very long-lasting and can last over 6 months after charging.

My Experience

The first few uses of the pulsation were a little ticklish to me. Then I got used to it and started enjoying facial cleansing. I have read FOREO LUNA experiences with cleansers from many, but I used my LUNA 2 after removing makeup. So I first took off the makeup with makeup remover, and then use FOREO. I applied a deep facial cleansing product for normal skin (I avoid the usual cleansing gels and foams because they dry out a lot). I clean the skin from the chin, towards the cheeks and nose, and finish with the forehead area. Sometimes it can last longer than a minute, so I don’t always focus on the signal of the device (which reports that 60 seconds of cleaning have passed).

Most of the time, I don’t prolong the massage because I’m tired of standing in front of the mirror. I religiously adhere to one minute of the massage.

Honestly, there is a face brush, and then there is FOREO which is a new level of comfort and the perfect skincare ritual. After cleansing, the skin is so soft and supple that I couldn’t believe it. Then I wanted to try LUNA 2 on my boyfriend, who cleans his face much less than me. The same thing, our skin was so soft!

My favorite is applying makeup that lies so much better. After the morning usage of FOREO on the face, primer and moisturizing serum absorbed better. I generally noticed a nicer looking skin. The morning after cleansing, my skin looks fresher and more rested (days with too few hours of sleep do not count).

I am very satisfied and I try to use LUNA 2 every night, if I am already lazy for a massage, then at least for cleansing. LUNA 2 seems to be much gentler on the skin compared to other products and does not scratch the surface layer as much, and effectively removes dead skin cells.

You can find the FOREO price for LUNA 2 model on their website —> click here <—

You can also order LUNA 2 online with free delivery on the FOREO website.

Have you tried this amazing cleanser too?

What are your experiences?

Feel free to write me in the comments below,

Best regards!

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