Evening glam makeup

Evening Glam Makeup – Shine in the night!

Hi everyone! How does evening glam makeup differ from day makeup? How to put on makeup for the evening and look glamorous?

You will agree that evening makeup provides much more freedom and creativity than daily makeup. It is very important when we go out for an evening to tell a likable story with our appearance. The night is the time when you can play with makeup, as well as the moment when you replace your everyday look with the look of a seductress of the evening. 

How to quickly prepare?

Before each makeup, you must clean your face from impurities, as well as from previous makeup, if you had it. Soften dark circles with bags of chamomile tea. Leave for ten minutes for the plant to do its untidy eyebrows. Get rid of restless strands of hair from the face and forehead in the form of tying a ponytail or a used braid to make makeup easier. A clean face is like a painting canvas. When you prepare it, all you have to do is play with colors, cosmetics, and accessories. 

Evening makeup contains:

  • Foundation or powder (liquid)
  • Concealer
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow
  • Mascara
  • Highlighter
  • Blush
  • Lipstick Powder.

Evening makeup is ideal for smokey eyes

Smokey eyes is a makeup technique that is always popular and almost as unavoidable as evening makeup. You can’t go wrong with this make-up technique, because it fits every eye shape perfectly. More precisely, her charm lies in the fact that every eye looks seductive and sensual. 

For this effect, you need to follow a few steps:

First step: Apply a foundation in a color that suits your complexion. It is best to apply with a powder brush or beauty blender. It is not advisable to use your fingers to apply the foundation. This will not cover all parts including the ears and neck. 

Step 2: Fill in the eyebrow imperfections with an eyebrow pencil (the pencil must be in a color that matches your color). Draw the correct shape if they are not perfect. Brush over the eyebrows so that the color blends and the line is not visible. It is very important that the shape of the eyebrows is perfect because the eyes are more pronounced if the eyebrows are beautiful.

Third step: Apply a little powder on the eyelids and blend it carefully. 

Step 4: Pay attention to the choice of shade. With smokey eyes, the most important thing is to use black, gray, white, or light shades of beige, because evening makeup must be very emphasized. On the area under the eyebrows and the front part of the eyelid, apply a white or light shade of shadow. Apply black shadow over the entire eyelid, taking care not to cover the makeup part with white shadow. Apply a gray shade in the middle of the eyelid over the black. Blend the gray and black shadow all the way to the edge where your eyebrows end. 

Step 5: Use mascara, it is best to be in black. Apply mascara so that the ends of the lashes are treated more. That way you will get a more beautiful eye shape. If you want, you can also use false eyelashes. They have color and density, and they are a great choice for evening makeup.

Step 6: On the area of ​​the front part of the forehead and cheekbones, apply highlighter as in the middle of the nose. This way you will shade the contours of the face. Apply a peach or soft pink blush under the cheekbones, on the left and right side of the forehead as well as on the inside of the nose. You have achieved the effect of shading the contour of the face and highlight the shape. 

Step 7: Use a lipstick pencil to draw the edges of the lips. Take care not to cross over and fill the pencil with the thinnest brush so that the line is not clearly visible. After that, apply lipstick in any color. 

Step 8: At the very end, fix the applied makeup with loose powder in a thin layer. You are ready!

Evening makeup for blue eyes

Evening makeup for blue eyes

Blue eyes are beautiful and they are very easy to put on. For evening makeup of blue eyes, you can use only eyeliner, mascara, purple and white glitter shadow. 

First step: Apply white shadow on the entire lid and pay special attention to the area under the eyebrows. It is desirable to apply a light-colored foundation or powder before applying the shadow so that the shadow lasts as long as possible. 

Step Two: Use an eyeliner to draw a line from the end of the eye in the direction where the eyebrows end. Use a brush to blend the line so that it is not clearly visible. 

Third step: Apply a purple shadow on the other front part and blend it with the black part. If you like glitter, you can apply them to the eye to make the effect more glamorous. On the lower part of the eye, apply only a purple shadow to open the eye and to make the blue color of the eye stand out. For the end of the evening makeup, only mascara or false eyelashes remain if you prefer them. Another face makeup is done in the same way as in the previous paragraph.

Evening makeup for green eyes

Evening makeup for green eyes

Women who own green eyes are considered the sexiest women, experts say, the color of their eyes emits passion and energy. You need to have shadows in yellow, purple and green, brown eyeliner, and black mascara (or false eyelashes with unusual applications). 

First step: Apply the yellow shadow on the front upper part of the eye as well as on the front lower part. Apply it well with a brush, then add a green shade in the continuation of the eye. When you have covered with the color of 2/3 of the eye, you add a purple shadow at the end, ie. at the very end of the eye. With gentle brush strokes, blend the colors.

Second step: Use a brown crayon or eyeliner to draw a line on both sides of the eye (bottom and top).

Third step: If you are going to an optional evening out, all you have to do is apply mascara in as thick a layer as possible on the ends of your lashes and complete your look with the rest of your face makeup. If you are going on a crazy night out, you will complete the evening makeup if you put false eyelashes of an unusual shape instead of mascara or with the addition of glitter (preferably gold).

There are another ideas for the best makeup for green eyes.

The term evening make-up is associated with a certain sophisticated look, it should not be understood in the sense that the more the better. 

Do you prefer daily natural makeup or evening glam makeup? 

Feel free to write in the comments below,

Best regards!

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