Curly hair care tips

Curly Hair Care Tips – Complete Guide

Hi everyone! How to care a curly hair? Here are curly hair care tips on how to always maintain a good hairstyle and what to use to keep it always shiny.

Curly hair tends to be quite dry and tends to tear much more than straight hair. This type of hair requires more care and more time for its good appearance. That is why it is very important to take care when washing because you have to be much more careful. You should go to the hairdresser regularly and choose the best hairstyle.

Proper hair care

Long curly hair

Use shampoos and packages, as well as balms for damaged hair. This is important, because wavy hair itself is more dry than straight, and therefore more prone to damage. It is important to buy hair products in specialized stores, not in pharmacies. Why? Dermatological shampoos are often diluted, which makes them less effective.

When caring for curly hair, it is very important to determine how often you will wash it. It should not be exaggerated, especially with frequent shampooing, because it is additionally prone to hair breakage, which can lead to even greater damage. It should not be more than twice a week. Washing your hair often can cause your hair to tangle. If you often get tangled hair, you can use only a hair conditioner, without shampooing. This is very important because curly hair needs moisture more often.

In a situation when you feel that your hair is quite dry, I recommend a deep balm treatment. This means that you will keep the hair conditioner on your hair longer. Before you go to take a shower, apply your conditioner to your hair and cover your hair with a hat, towel. When you have finished your shower, rinse the conditioner well as usual.

And finally, when it comes to drying curly hair, try to avoid drying your hair with a hairdryer, I don’t recommend to rub a towel directly on the hair.

The shape of your hairstyle is impossible to maintain without going to the hairdresser regularly. Don’t let the ends crack, let several months pass between two visits to your hairdresser. It’s good to have only one. Don’t change your hairdresser often, because just as one hairdresser gets used to your hair, you will run next. Always insist on a dry haircut for curly hair. So, do not wash your hair before cutting, there is no need because curly hair falls differently when it is wet and when it is dry. For the ends, do not wait more than 10 weeks from the last shortening.

Shampoos for curly hair


As we have already mentioned that curly hair is quite sensitive, it, therefore, requires special preparations.

Washing hair is best with silicone-free shampoos and strong sulfates. If you can’t find shampoos for dry and damaged hair in stores, there are also those that are made exclusively for curly hair. They are recommended because their formula is identical to shampoos for damaged hair. Because curly hair is not greasy often, you don’t need aggressive preparations, ie. shampoos.

Use mild, silicone-free, and avoid any ingredient that ends in -cone, -xane. Be sure to pay attention to the contents before buying. You can also try baby shampoos because they are quite mild, and if you see that a certain shampoo suits your hair, there is no need to change it. Be sure of its quality, at least for a few months, so you can try it with someone else.

Balms for curly hair

Hair balms

Balms for curls come into consideration of all types and consistencies. They are based on aloe vera and contain provitamin B, which can be the best choice because they nourish and hydrate the hair and strengthen curls. They give them shape, fullness, and elasticity, making the hair shiny, soft and thus reducing electricity.

How to use the balm? While the hair is still wet and soft, run your fingers through it first, and then use a comb. By combing with your fingers, you will feel where the hair is tangled, so you will go there more carefully with the comb. With a comb, you remove all those hairs that have already fallen out. In any case, you can change the balm, depending on whether your hair is and how soft, and whether this type of balm suits your hair.


Mousse and gels

Some are natural, some are not. It is important to say that many gels contain silicone, in order to give the hair shine, which we have already mentioned should be avoided. If you already want and need to use a gel, try an organic aloe vera gel, as quite mild.

Use hair mousses as preparation for styling curly hair. It is very important to know the right way to use it, as well as the amount that you will apply to hair. You should never apply the foam directly to the hair. First, apply it to the hands and then rubbed into the hair. When choosing a foam, you should know that there are those that contain alcohol, and some do not. Others give firmness, while some do not, or some you should apply to dry hair, while others only to wet.

Hair sprays

Hair spray

Hair sprays are used to strengthen, almost fix your hairstyle. There is, just like for all other preparations, a large number of hair sprays for curly hair.

There are also many prejudices that hairspray is a preparation that should not be used often, but the way you apply hairspray on your hair is very important. Spray at least at a distance of 30cm. If you want more volume, you will shake your hair slightly by turning your head down. If your hair is often oily, do not use hair sprays that give shine.

And one piece of advice, which you may not have expected, but it’s good to know. You can also use these sprays on your eyebrows if you want to beautify the line of your eyebrows. Simply apply a little nail polish on the eyebrow comb and then run it through the eyebrows.

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