Best makeup for green eyes

Best Makeup for Green Eyes – Tips

Hi everyone!

For this post, I decided to write about the best makeup for green eyes, because I have them too.

Green eyes are beautiful and rarely seen. Some data says that only 2% of the world’s population has green eyes. However, there are countless shades of green and all shades deserve to be highlighted. Makeup is a great way to do that!

Read some of my tips and techniques.

Best makeup for green eyes

Shadow colors for green eyes

Daily makeup for green eyes could contain neutral brown tones. Choose a reddish-brown or silver, ie. greyish brown.

Try pink, purple and red tones for highlighting green color. When it comes to pink, use warmer and darker shades instead of cooler and light ones. From purple, try the color of eggplant, lavender, plum…If you want smokey eyes, try wine and lavender shades instead of gray tones.

Carefully with shadows

Use green shadows carefully. A green shadow can make your eyes shine, but also make them boring. The trick is to use darker shades of green.

The best makeup colors for green eyes are bronze, copper, and gold. Because of them, the eyes will look brighter. A Brown or green shade with a golden sheen is a great choice.

Avoid blue shades, including bluish purple. The same goes for eye pencils and mascaras.

If you have red circles around your eyes and you are wondering how to make up your eyes, do not apply reddish and purple shadows. They will, in that case, highlight the redness and you will look tired.

 Eyeliner and mascara

Try a dark brown or espresso eyeliner. It is dark enough to highlight the eyes, but also bright enough not to close them. If it’s a special night out, try the golden one. Makeup for blondes with green eyes should include brown eyeliner and brown mascara.

Apply white eyeliner on the inner corners of the eyes. Make sure to blend it with the shadow to make your eyes look more natural and open.

If you want to highlight the green color a little bit more, use purple eyeliner or mascara. If you wear them together with a brown or a green shade, your eyes will look brighter. However, you don’t have to wear purple eyeliner and purple mascara at the same time. Don’t be afraid to use black mascara for green eye make-up, but avoid black eyeliner.

 Lipstick and blush for green eyes

Apply red, pink, or purple lipstick as a contrast to the eyes. To make the lipstick last longer, first, apply a lip pencil.

The blush could be peach or pink depending on what suits better to your skin.

 Your taste

In the end, I could say that there are no techniques and colors for proper makeup that suits everyone. Experiment and find out which colors suit you.

How do you make up green eyes?

Which colors do you like the most?

I hope I helped you, and you can write me your suggestions.

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